Where does the time go?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and with good reason. School, both the back in school and the work kind, are going well, but they are keeping me busy. I’m almost done the first class and am about to start the second. One good thing about the compressed format is that I don’t have time to obsess over every word I write. I don’t have time to restart a paper multiple times, so I draft and then edit the heck out of it. This is sometimes more difficult than it would seem.

Try writing with a cat half on your lap, half on the keyboard until you move the keyboard far enough that you have trouble typing. Gracie has a nack for being in the most inconvenient spot at the most inconvenient time.

I have managed to play in the kitchen, just a little. I haven’t made anything amazingly exciting, but I did do a homemade lo mein and a spinach lasagna. Both were pretty darn good.

Bob and I are off to a dinner at the cheese shop tonight. I love these and can’t wait. We are even taking Mom and Dad as Mom’s birthday present. It is close, good food and I have to eat anyway, so all the better.

Until next time.