Coffee Talk Socks

Sometimes you pick up yarn and you know immediately what you are going to knit with it. Pattern, size, etc – it is all there in your head as soon as you touch the yarn. The yarn I got from my knit-a-long was just that – as soon as I saw it I knew exactly which socks I was going to knit, and I decided I was knitting them just for me!

These are called Coffee Talk and it is apparently a pretty popular pattern. There is a texture front, a ribbed side, contrasting heel, toe and cuff that also has a fade at the toe. I do love how these look, but it will be a while before I knit another pair. the toe is all in purl stitches and between the two color yarns, the purl to decrease and the just general pain (literally in my wrist) of knitting that many purl stitches in a row, it was just too much for me. I love them and will wear them proudly, but maybe next time, I just do a regular toe.

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