2020 Knitting & Pets

It is pretty amazing how much knitting can get done when you don’t leave the house for three and a half months. Working from home for a few months gave me a lot of time back (2.5 hours per day for the most part) that I used for knitting mostly. Not all, but most. So … in 2020 I managed to knit (and to count is is started and finished in 2020):

  • 28 pairs of socks (love knitting socks and will probably forever have a pair on the needles)
  • 1 shawl (do not mind knitting shawls, but I don’t wear them so this is not a repeat knit for me)
  • 1 cardigan (very useful in Florida since everything is air-conditioned)
  • 1 hoodie
  • 1 pull over sweater (limited use case in Florida)
  • 1 tank top
  • 2 short sleeve tops (very large use case in Florida, expect more of these to be done up this year)
  • 1 hat (do not like knitting these)
  • 1 baby blanket

For this year I’d like to complete 4 long-sleeved sweaters (cardigan or pull over, both will count) and 12 pairs of socks. I know I will knit a few short sleeve tops also, but the main goal will be the 4 long sleeve sweaters and 12 pairs of socks.

This year also gave me the opportunity to try a bunch of different independent dyers. I have a full time job and wanted to support small businesses as much as possible, so trying different yarns gave me both really interesting yarn to work with, and the benefit of supporting small businesses (most of whom are women owned and operated). My top three (the three that I have bought from more than once) are:

  • Cat Nappin Indie Yarn: Darlene has great yarn in (of course) some really cool cat themed colors. The Calico Kitty is currently my favorite, but there are several that are just as pretty. The yarn knits up well and blends with other yarns I have hanging around.
  • The Catt Lady: Andrea is a new dyer and she does amazing yarns. Her sense of color is amazing and I find myself going back to her yarns again and again. Smaller selection, but really amazing.
  • Lolodidit: Lauren is the dyer behind this yarn and she has a large selection and tons of interesting bases. I love the Downton Abbey yarn club and the soft squishy goodness I get every month. If I need a specific color or color combination for a project, this is the dyer I know will have it.

As for the pets – they are all still here. Tigger had a few issues this year, but I just kept saying 202 could not have him. He’s on meds and has some really good days, and some really not good days, but on the whole he is good. Arthas is wonderful and happy and is trying to play with the cats a bit. This does not always go over well, but at least he isn’t afraid of them. The girls are still playful kittens at 3.5 years old. They literally play every single day and use the house and furniture as their playground. Almost nothing is safe from them.

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