So the old site had to go.  Mac/Mobile Me is no longer supporting the iweb feature, and all content will be lost at the end of June.  To keep the site/blog going I had to move to a new site and with Bob’s help, came up with Sixteen Paws!  It seems appropriate given our household, so I hope you all enjoy the new site.  Updates will come as I figure out how to use this program.

In actual news, Ms. Erin joined us this weekend to start the summer off right.  We headed to dinner with mom and dad on Friday night at one of our new favorite places, Indigenous.  Everyone had a fabulous meal they enjoyed – and Erin and I did the vegetarian special and may have won the meal of the night.  For dessert, we had a hard time deciding, so we literally ordered one of everything on the menu and split them.  Oh … the joy of dessert.

Saturday was the big event, however.  Bob, Erin and I headed into Tampa for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert.  We had a fabulous time, but we did notice a few things with it being the opening concert.  There was a slight issue with some of the sound at one point, he had trouble with his ear pieces a few times, and there were a few noticeable kinks.  We also had issues with “high five Hank” and the frat crowd in front of us, but overall it was a really fun night.  I will try to post a picture or two once I get them off my camera.  We enjoyed it so much, we decided to look into the same concert in August in Jersey.  If we do that, we will attempt to drag Ed, Toby and maybe John with us.

I hope you all enjoy the new site and I hope I post with a little more regularity.  If I can figure this out, there seem to be some really neat features, so I may add video clips, links to articles and the like.  Again, IF I can figure it out.  If not, it’s the regular blog with some pictures!

Welcome to Sixteen Paws

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sixteen Paws

  1. Dad says:

    Somehow I think I had the best meal. We did agree on the best desert though. Since I can do this from MY IPAD I think it may be better than the other site.


  2. Erin says:

    I already miss the Palm Trees and my Florida family! Thanks for such a wonderful trip!

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