Summer Thyme

Somehow I managed to make it through the end of the school year.  Kids are out for the summer and work gets much more laid back.  We can count down to seeing Brad and Emmie and enjoy some relaxed time.

The garden is a bit of a surprise.  I had great luck growing things in Jersey, but the growing season and care requirements of Florida still elude me.  Unless it, apparently, thyme.  The thyme was put in with the original garden a few months ago and I’ve pretty much left it alone. However, it has taken over.  Thyme and green onion are growing like mad, while everything else has not made it.  Now that the hot, humid summer months are here, nothing will grow – except the thyme.

We have also started a small exercise routine here. Since I can’t find yoga classes that meet at reasonable times, I’ve been using the aps on the iPad.  It’s been pretty nice and even Bob has gotten into it. I’m not allowed to take pictures, but he comes home from work and does his own yoga. It’s kind of cute.  The only big drawback is trying to move from pose to pose with a furry creature sleeping on the same yoga mat.  I just say it makes the routine a little more challenging.

Beyond that, we are just having a nice, quiet time here.  Pets are good, family is good and boring is good.

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