Eating Heathier

One of the difficult things about changing how we eat is coming up with new recipes that will translate into relatively quick weeknight dinners once the school year starts up again for me (in less than two weeks!!!). So to that end, I’ve been taking pictures of food, noting what has worked and what we didn’t like, and tried to figure out how to adapt recipes for less prep time, or how to store prepped meals in the fridge.

So … Sherry pork chops with vegetable timbale


This awesome little dish was pretty easy, except for the chopping part. The pork chops were simple – salt and pepper on the chops, into a hot pan and, after tuning over once, add a splash of sherry to “deglaze” the pan. Brown on both sides and then popped in the oven for ten minutes to finish.

The vegetable timbale came from my “Joy of Vegetarian Cooking” cookbook and could have been a meal unto itself. Not being sure about it, however, I opted for the pork chop with it. I chopped green and yellow squash, but you can use almost any veggie for this one. It is kind of like a warm, savory custard (it does have cream and eggs in it) and it does have some texture if you don’t purée the veggies too much. I will say, this was a great tasting dish and I loved the flavor. I have to see if I can make this ahead of time and just cook it on a week night. If I can it is going in the rotation.

My veggie basket this week contained lots of really pretty carrots. I saw a lot if really neat side dish recipes but very few main dish ones featuring carrots. But I did find this …


This is a Moroccan Stew and I have to say he flavors were fabulous even though I did not have cardamom on hand. Potatoes, butternut squash, carrots and onions make the base of this dish and are finished with green and yellow squash and chick peas. I’m pretty sure if Bob were sticking to the “slow carb” thing religiously, he would not have eaten this, but since he is focusing on limiting grains and starches, he happily ate it. The only complaint I have is the chick peas. I want to like beans, I so want to like them. But, alas, I don’t. The flavor is fine, but I absolutely hate the texture. Falafel is great and I love it, but whole chick peas … not so much, so note to self – skip the chickpeas next time and up the veggies.

And now we come to the chicken dish of the week. I’m not sure if I should call this a chicken salad, tropical chicken or chicken with pineapple and peach salsa. This was another “no recipe at all” dish and it came out pretty darn well.


It is a simple chicken breast, pan fried in a tiny bit of olive oil. The red leaf lettuce makes the bed for the chicken and I topped it with pineapple, peach, cucumbers, tomato and red onion that was marinated in a little lime juice. This one is a very easy and quick dish, so as long as I have pineapples available, it can be a week night staple.

Tonight I am attempting salmon for the first time. First time cooking and first time eating it, so we shall see how that comes out. I’m more interested in the zucchini and carrot cakes I’m pairing it with.

If anyone has any suggestions for weeknight meals, I’d love to add them to the experiment list!

One thought on “Eating Heathier

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look into the crockpot recipies. They can get plugged in at night and done in the AM when you get. just unplug and it is good to go for dinner..

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