Lazy Summer Day

There are days when you want to do everything and anything. Spend the day cooking, doing laundry, cleaning out drawers, being productive at work, getting the grocery shopping done, etc.  And then there are days where you want to sit on the couch, read a book and watch mindless television.  Yesterday was pretty much the lazy day for me.  While John went to check out his grad school options and Bob went to work, the kitties and I did very little around the house.  At one point I was watching Olympic tennis and looked up to see Tigger in the perfect picture of a happy, contented, lazy kitty.  (The best kind of kitties, in my opinion.)  The view got even better when I looked over at the other couch and saw little Miss Leia.

I’m just not sure you can get much cuter than these two.  Well … add Gracie and Jessie and it is possible, but I’m pretty sure Gracie was out making treaties with the alligators and vultures, and Jessie just hates having her picture taken, so I will take what I can get.  These days are few and far between, but I will enjoy them while I can.

Hope you get at least one lazy summer day before they are all gone!


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