Watermelon Salad

After the disaster of the falafel (and I still can’t figure out what went wrong) I went back to a basic, if very odd dish – watermelon salad. Val introduced me to this odd concept dish a year or two ago and initially I was reluctant to taste the combination of watermelon and feta. I got over it and am very glad I did as it is a great, if odd, dish.

After pondering which version to go with (there are a lot of variations out there) I went with a classic Greek variation. Watermelon, feta, red onion and aged balsamic vinegar. That’s it, the whole entire dish. Four ingredients. The watermelon was sweet and made a nice contrast to the salty feta while the red onion provided a tang and crunch that was more substantial than the watermelon crunch. I liked the balsamic addition; I can’t tell you exactly what it added, but it did add something that I did not have with the other versions I’ve tried.


It was nice to have a successful dish after the falafel incident. I paired this with a simple sautéed chicken breast for a grain free meal. I will say, I am looking forward to Bob’s geek weekend so I can have the gain filled vegetarian meals I miss. I may even make waffles. That is, of course, assuming I can get over this cold and have the energy and taste buds to cook and appreciate what I cook.

If I don’t post before Friday, I hope everyone has a great long Labor Day weekend.

One thought on “Watermelon Salad

  1. Erin says:

    Looks really yummy!

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