Technically corn is a grain. It is a grain in the same way rice and barley are grains, so I’ve avoided using it when cooking since Bob started the no grain eating thing. But my veggie basket this week contained some beautiful bi-colored corn and I just had to use it.

So a corn salsa, corn salad, corn relish … whatever you want to call it. I got the kernels off the cob ( a first for me), cooked them and added them to the red onion from this week’s basket, the last of the cucumber from last week’s basket and the tomato I picked up last week. I mixed everything with some rice vinegar, peanut oil, soy sauce, garlic and chili peppers and let it sit for about a half hour before serving. It got paired with a pork loin I had marinating and I have to say, it was a lovely little meal. Not as good as dinner at Indigenous the night before, but very little would compare to that.

I wish my phone was working Friday night because the food at Indigenous is not only incredibly good, it is very photo worthy. This has become one of our favorite places in Sarasota because the food is excellent (far better than I can make at home and I’m not a bad cook), the service is wonderful and the wine selection is delightful. We didn’t make a reservation, but they found us a nice table and didn’t act as though not having a reservation was a big deal. Some places will find you a table, but act like it is a huge inconvenience for them. Not at Indigenous. One of the reasons I don’t mind paying for the meal is at the service and atmosphere are as good as the food. When that happens, it is a place I will go back to again and again and tell others about.

Since I didn’t have my camera to take pictures, here is the restaurant website gallery page …
Hopefully you can see some of the very pretty, very tasty dishes that I would gush over again and again if I had the pictures to accompany said gushing commentary.

On the up side, my phone appears to have dried out and is once again working. I won’t have to figure out how long I can go without it now, which is good, I suppose. I’ll have to come up with a great meal to test the camera on it again.

Have a great week!

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