Key West

As the last few weeks were a little rough, Bob and I decided to take a three day weekend and head to Key West. I’ve never been here mostly because getting here is a little tricky for me. Flights don’t go direct from Sarasota – you have to fly north and then south. Too much hassle. There is the ferry, but I still haven’t recovered from the one to the Isle of Wight ( and that was absolutely worth it) and a few hours is a little much. Then there is the driving option; given my reaction to bridges it’s not a great option but we went with it. All in all there was more island than bridge so I did ok.

We found a cute little B&B to stay in:

Duval Gardens. Rooms are comfy, clean and walking distance to everything without the noise. Very quiet at night. And the staff is super nice and helpful. We lucked out with this one.

Last night we did our one planned dinner. The Internet is an amazing thing – I looked up restaurants, checked out locations, menus and reviews then made a reservation on-line. And what a find!

Santiago’s Bodgea. A tapas restaurant that had a great looking menu, walkable from the B&B and had great reviews. And they did not over promise. We had excellent food including

Cheese board. A Manchego, a double cream goat cheese and a blue. The goat cheese stole the show on this one.

Shrimp and chorizo in a garlic sauce. Yes, I ate shrimp and it was so good. I stuck with one shrimp just in case I had any reaction like I did with the salmon but nothing. Just really great flavor.

Pork with chutney. The chutney made this dish. The pork was good, but the chutney was pure heaven.

And the star of the evening / dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in prosciutto. Holy cow this was amazing. The date was sweet, the goat cheese had a tangy bite to it and the prosciutto was salty making it the perfect morsel. The date also didn’t have the weird texture it can have so this may move into the top five bites of food ever. Certainly top ten, but maybe top five.

Today’s adventures include cats and history with maybe a little beach thrown in. And food. Cant wait for more food.

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