Pork tacos


I try to be creative and still stay in the parameters of Bob’s diet, my very picky pallet and general time constraints. Sometimes I hit a winner (yesterday’s beef stewish meal) and sometimes it’s just good.

Tonight was a just good. A different wrap, maybe a spinach or sun dried tomato instead of whole wheat, and a tweak to the sauce and this could be great. I took leftover pulled pork (because when do you ever not have leftover pulled pork?) and tried a vinaigrette from a Bobby Flay grilling cookbook and experimented. So … This was. A lemon sage vinaigrette – lemon, lemon zest, honey, olive oil, sage, shallots, salt and pepper. Heated up the pulled pork with a little of the vinaigrette then used the mizuna (a leafy green of a kind) as a base, then layer the pork, more vinaigrette and some tomatoes. Good, but not great.


The sauce needs a little more honey, a little more pepper and maybe a touch more salt. Change the wrap and add a little pickled onion -maybe red onion- and this has potential to be a fantastic quick meal.

Oh – the pork! I didn’t have my usual mead to braise the pork in last week so I used hard cider and chopped apples. It came out REALLY well. Moist, tender, not salty at all and totally full of flavor. Not bad for improvising.

Tomorrow’s experiment includes an orange sage chicken with rice noodles … or a butternut squash tart. If I don’t come home totally exhausted from a full day of IEP meetings and trying to get progress notes done. Hopefully the computers work all day or I may just sit down and cry.

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