Mish Mosh of a Post

It was a full week and a full Saturday this week. Lots going on at work and in Saturday Bob and I went out and about to Art Slam to see some of my kids from work perform. It was a beautiful day and we discovered the Riverwalk area of Bradenton. Neither of us had ever been there before, but I think I found a great place to take Jessie when I want to get her out and to a different place for her to sniff. I was glad we didn’t bring her yesterday because there were so many dogs and people there. Have to try a mid week afternoon when I don’t have I work.

But the show was great. Our Dance department put on a fabulous show – one a few of my kids specifically asked if I would come see, so I dragged Bob out (ok, no dragging was really necessary – I think it is because I limit the school functions I ask him to attend with me) and we had a really good time. The kids did a great job.



For food this week, it was a lot of quick not so creative meals. But … I did make …

Yes, that is pasta and meatballs, but the pasta is quinoa pasta! Ok, it is still a grain, but it is probably better for you than regular wheat, so I’m going with it. I’ve have a spaghetti and meatball craving for a while, so I found that in the grocery and decided to try it. I have to say, the texture is just a little different, but no real noticeable taste difference. It was a nice change from no grain meals and one that I can see making again, although I will really, really limit it. I just have to sit down and look through my cookbooks again for some new inspirations.

I had two different cider’s this week in the quest to find the perfect hard cider for fall. Well, that is still the Stella that I can’t get in the states, but the quest for the perfect cider that I CAN get. So this week we had …


The Woodchuck I have had before and it is a good, all around easy to drink cider. It doesn’t floor me, but I would reach for it without hesitation over some others. The Crispin did surprise me. It has a very light/pale color so I thought it would have a very light taste, but I didn’t. It actually tasted pretty much like apple juice, only kinda of fizzy. Good, but the Spire from last week is still in the lead.

Gratuitous cat picture because I did manage to get a picture of Gracie, admittedly mid meow. She really is a cute kitten – and I’m keeping her even through everyone else thinks she is too much work.

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