My coffee arrived this week. The coffee snob in me is super excited! And yes, that is a box with twelve pounds of coffee in it.

I am super picky about coffee. A number of years ago I found Peet’s on line. What I loved was the little bars that showed the body, light to full, and the brightness, smooth to bright. This makes picking out kinds of coffee so much easier. Initially I tried a lot of different kinds, from many, many regions. The scientist gene kicked in and I kept track of what each coffee tasted like to me, how bitter it was to my overly sensitive bitter receptors, how it impacted my stomach, etc. (Oh, I should say I put the coffees in unlabeled airtight bags, numbered the coffees and wrote my notes by number, not name, to prevent undo influence of the subconscious. Each coffee was in two to three different bags so I would use each at different times and not know which I was having. Yes, I am that much of a nerd.) After about a year, I took all my data and did some analysis. I found I did not like South American coffee’s for the most part. They were generally harder on my stomach and had more bitter in them. Arabian coffees faired well, but my favorites were Indonesian. Sumatra in particular with Java a close second, but Sumatran coffee had my most favorable notes consistently.


One coffee in particular, found after the original experiment, became my absolute favorite. Sumatra Batak or Sumatra Blue Batak. This coffee can only be found once per year and it has a full body and very smooth acidity. Even my ‘broccoli is bitter’ taste buds find no bitter notes in this coffee. It has, to me, the best flavor, and a creamy, velvety texture that just makes coffee enjoyable. It is the one coffee I love as much today as I did when I first started drinking it. So much so that, yes, I ordered twelve pounds of it. This won’t last the entire year, but interspersed with some others – Aged Sumatra and Sulawesi-Kalosi for the most part – I can make it through the year until the next offering.

2 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow! You make me wish I had a cup to try!

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