Spring Finally Arrives

March has been unusually cold in Florida this year. We still have the heat on, I contemplated putting the flannel sheets on the bed and I broke out the “blueberry” winter jacket Val gave me when I first got Jessie. At least my winter clothes, often reserved for our trips north or across the pond, are getting some use.

But the weather has finally started to feel like spring. So much so that Jessie and I have extended our walks yesterday and today. And we ran across a strange sight the other day.

Bob tells me those are seagulls. Seagulls. In our little subdivision. Weird. The Gulf is a good 20 minutes away so I never think of seagulls around here. Sandhill Cranes, yes. Alligators? Sure. But seagulls? Not really. I did stay on the opposite side if the street on this trek – Jessie really wanted to play with them.

Jess has been a little spoiled recently. Mom brought her dinner yesterday.

20130330-182320.jpg in case you can’t read that, it says “Chicken/brown rice/carrots – gravy for Jessie.” Yes, my mother cooked for the dog. Well, she saved leftovers for her. Not for Bob and I, but specifically for Jessie. Can we say spoiled?

I didn’t do much interesting cooking this week. I did some, but nothing recipe worthy. But today, I made a trip out for eggs. … I probably should explain. I like listening to podcasts on my way to and from work and I recently found a new one – Slate’s Table to Farm. (No, I didn’t get that backwards, that is the correct name.) It is pretty interesting – they pick a food, talk to people who source the food – fishers, apple experts, butchers. etc., then pick obtain some of the food, cook and eat it. This sounds weird, and admittedly it is a little odd, but it works. There is a definite slant towards local, sustainable sources of foods from CSAs, farmer’s markets and local butchers, and I can’t say I disagree with that premise. Bob was a little worried about his dinners after the steak episode, but it turns out I had a harder time with the egg episode. Probably because I know where meat comes from and do whatever I can to get meat from smaller sources that treat animals as humanly as possible, but I had never really though about eggs. I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t. After listening to that episode, I told Bob we needed to find local eggs as I am pretty sure I am never buying eggs from the grocery store again.

It turns out, if we are willing to drive a little, there is a local option –Bob’s Veggie Patch I admit it’s a drive, but he does also set up in Bradenton on Wednesdays and the timing works perfectly with my work schedule. I was so excited. We picked up the veggies for the week today too. I was so happy!

After getting our eggs and veggies, we decided to head out to lunch today and we could not have picked a prettier spot.


I also did my nails in honor of spring today

20130330-183633.jpg nice light and festive.

Happy spring everyone!

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