Beer Bread

There are so many things wrong with the concept of Beer Bread that it is so right. I asked Bob to get me a bottle of beer for baking. He initially looked horrified, as though I was asking for one of his fancy Belgium beers to destroy. But, once I explained the concept of beer bread (to a man who is severely limiting grains, making my go-to cooking dishes non-starters) he was suddenly ok with me using beer for baking. Just not his really good Belgium beer.

So … Three cups self rising flour, one 12oz bottle of beer (I used Newcastle Brown Ale as it is the only beer I know other then Guinness, which I thought was too dark for bread), a half cup sugar. Mix, pour into a buttered loaf pan and bake at 375 for 55 minutes. If you want to get fancy, add a pat or two of butter the last few minutes of baking.

20130505-204042.jpg After seeing Iron Man 3 (quite entertaining actually) we came home and tried the bread. Bob pronounced it “phenomenal” and moaned as he ate it. I took that as a good sign and went with it. I will say I thought there was a slight bitter taste on the back end of the bread, but both Bob and John (who joined us for Iron Man) assured me there was none. I still think there is, but the bread is surprisingly good.


Bob has even agreed to gather a few different types of beer, a lambic, Guinness, a wheat ale and maybe one other so I can make a few loaves and we can experiment with which ones we like best. He is, apparently willing to indulge in grains when they contain beer. But for now, we have one loaf of beer bread … half eaten already. I’m thinking French toast or a grilled cheese sandwich since the bread was particularly good with cheese.

2 thoughts on “Beer Bread

  1. Dad says:

    Do I see a trip to Darwin’s in the near future to sample the ingredients? My first thought was Honey Wheat (not really far out of the box) and possibly a Bock. The after taste is probably real and I’d probably find it too. Of course, I probably wouldn’t mind it.


    • Andrea says:

      Bob has already come up with a list of beers to try in bread. He and John worked on it as they worked through the bread this weekend.

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