Brief Update

I realized that I had not updated since the big cook out. Bob and I happily ate leftovers for a week as I try to get everything together for the last few weeks of work. You would think it would be relatively calm this time of year, but it is busy and hectic making sure everything is in order before files get transferred to new schools, students know where they stand with credits, classes are picked and then changed for next year etc. And since every other school is doing the exact same thing, the program that I would use to do most of this is slower than beating the eggs to 160 degrees over a double boiler. Seriously – seven minutes today to get to the page I needed for one kid.

I found a surprisingly good wine. I think these are from the same winery – Lady in White and Lady in Red. Not expensive in the least, and good with dinner wine. I liked both very much, but I have to say, there is something about the bottles that I just love.

Tigger has been a fussy baby again. He goes through these phases where he throws up his food, so I search for a new food. We are on bag five (or six, I lost count) of new food. I’m trying to find stuff that is good for them – limit the by-product and gluten meal – but the majority of those foods he won’t eat. Most of these, none of them would eat. Gracie was getting skinnier and Tigger was just down right cranky. So I went with a more middle of the road choice:

20130604-212830.jpg Good old Purina. They all swooped in and ate this morning. Maybe Tigger will let me sleep now. Probably not, but at least Gracie won’t loose any more weight. Poor thing is already really, really skinny.

No picture, but I did find an awesome yoga place near me. They changed the schedule for summer, so I can actually make class Monday and Thursday. They also started a Saturday am class so I’m super excited. Two classes in and I think I can already feel my blood pressure drop. Super relaxed atmosphere and the class is a lot like the one I use to take in Jersey. Now if I can just get my balance back.

Gratuitous dog picture. But Jessie is so cute and still I have to get a pet picture in.

Happy almost summer!

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