New House?

I get the urge to move every few years. I’ve lived in several states since graduating from college more years ago than I want to admit, but after the Florida move, I seemed settled. Happy where I am (although if a perfect opportunity came up across the pond, I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t look at it) and not really anxious to leave. That doesn’t mean I don’t want change. But this year, instead of moving, I’m painting and redoing the house a little.

The color in the main part of the house has always been very neutral. Bland, but fine. I was hoping to go a medium brown – pecan colored – but Bob was concerned with that color making the house dark and closed in. (Did I mention this whole compromise thing is not what I’m used to with decorating or renovating? Really. It’s a new concept for me.) OK, so pecan is out. We looked at paint chips and he really liked the Swiss Coffee. I like it for a trim color (it’s white … cream technically, but white) but for the walls? Well … if we do the trim dark that might work. From last week’s post you saw the test area – the kitchen island.

We both liked how this came out, so I spent my week doing the main part of the house in this scheme. White walls were not my friend as I started this and by mid Tuesday I was seriously reconsidering.



20130622-204443.jpg That is A LOT of white. But I kept going and Thursday I started on the trim (yes, it took me three days to paint the walls – there are a lot of little spaces between doors and the living room wall is huge!) and I really liked it.

Even with the tape, and with only one coat of paint, I loved it. I even told Bob when he came home for lunch that I didn’t care if he hated it – I really loved it. (Happy to report he is very pleased with the results also.) The final product, however is amazing.



So I’m totally happy with the main part of the house. Bob had picked out colors for his office, so today we worked on that.



Bob called it ‘shades of Orc green’ a la his minor obsession with World of Warcraft. The window area is a dark, almost forest green and the walls are a lighter version. I have to admit – it looks good. Really good.


I am instructed to include that he isn’t done with the room yet. I know that, but really, it looks so good I had to include it.

The pets were mixed on the process. Gracie was not letting this disrupt her regular outings or naps. Tigger and Leia didn’t seem to mind so much, and actually liked the drop cloth.


20130622-210116.jpg Jessie, on the other hand, spent the week under the ottoman and as far away from the ladder as she could.

Up next is the front room (aka the cat room) and our bedroom. We are also rearranging some furniture in a few rooms and I think it’s going to come out really well. If I can ever pick a color for our bedroom that is. Sorry about no new food experiments this week, but I got a new house – without the hassle of moving – instead!

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