Windsor Castle

Today, our last full day in England, we decided to take a short trip to see the Queen. Admittedly she wasn’t home, but we did the day in Windsor anyway.

Windsor is a pretty impressive castle and it is hard, to an American at least, envisioning anyone actually living there. The gardens are too perfectly manicured

The lawns are too well laid out

20130731-210951.jpg (if a little brown in spots) and the facade was too story book perfect

20130731-211109.jpg But, as some small things show, there are people who live there.


We wandered the outside and took in the views


20130731-211356.jpg then wandered through the state rooms (where no photography was allowed). We also went through St. George’s Chapel, which would have been impressive except we were in St. Paul’s yesterday.


It was a nice visit, and we even managed to see a small changing of the guard.

20130731-211728.jpg For our last day, it was wonderful. Back home tomorrow and I am more than ready to see my furry babies.

One thought on “Windsor Castle

  1. Dad says:

    I think the sheer size is my most lasting impression. And the quaint tow that surrounds it adds just the right touch. See you when you get back.

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