Soup and Biscuits

A lot of times I find multiple recipes and combine them with changes based on what I have in the house. This time, I found a recipe and flat out stole it. I follow a couple of food blogs and My Favorite Pastime is one of the good ones. Now the original recipe did call for ham, but I left that out. I started with cheddar and chives, flour, butter and buttermilk. I think my favorite part of this was mixing it with my hands.

20140209-175813.jpg I rolled out the dough, cut them up and baked them. They were fantastic.

To go with these I made Potato Leek soup. I tried a different version than the typical creamy soup, and I always trust an Emeril recipe. I was skeptical at first because of the beef stock in this, and I didn’t have chicken stock and I totally forgot the thyme and cream. But I have to say, it worked. It was a nice, light soup that was also very filling. This combination really worked.

On a totally non-food note, I took my pretty bicycle to the grocery store today. It was really a nice ride down, but I had issues getting home. Bob rigged a milk crate to the back and it worked pretty well except for corners. So … He had to come pick up the groceries so I could ride home. The eggs didn’t make it, but everything else was fine. I just need to get my basket for the back before I take it to the grocery again.

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