Farro “Risotto” with Sweet Potato and Edamame

I cooked! Some days I feel way too tired, or my shoulder is too sore or whatever bug is going around is creeping up on me and I just can’t get it together to cook. I’ve been relying on our weekly boxes for creative food ideas lately, but I got a little creative today.

20140225-222725.jpg I started with a sweet potato and half an onion. I diced the potato, coated both in a little sesame oil and balsamic and roasted them at 400 for about 25-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I took about 3/4 cup farro, toasted it in some sesame oil then deglazed the pan in a shot of white wine. Then I cooked the farro in a risotto style – slowly adding warm vegetable stock and letting it cook into the farro before adding the next round of stock.

20140225-223441.jpg Towards the end of cooking the farro, I added some edamame and let it cook with the risotto.

20140225-223538.jpg Once the farro was cooked, I stirred in the sweet potato and onion, then added about a cup of really finely shredded cheese. If condensed down, it would probably be about a half cup. I used the Swiss we had left from our last visit to the cheese shop and mixed it all together.

The final result was a really flavorful, slightly salty dinner that was packed with texture. The farro had a nice bite to it and the edamame are probably the one bean I don’t have too much of a texture issue with. Bob didn’t mind that this dish was sans meat, but that would be one of my favorite parts of it. It could improve a little with a traditional cooking if the farro and adding some pumpkin seeds or chopped nuts. But overall, I loved this dish.

One thought on “Farro “Risotto” with Sweet Potato and Edamame

  1. feedmecolor says:

    Yum! This looks delicious!

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