The Vacation is Over

That face says it all. The week off of work is winding down and I’m trying to gear myself up to go back to work tomorrow. The week was rainy and cool (we turned the heat back on one day) but it was perfect studying weather. I spent most of the week reviewing for the History and Social Sciences Teacher Certification Exam. Short version of the long story – I needed points in History to renew the Social Sciences portion of my license this year so I scheduled the test at the end if Spring Break. I had two and a half hours to take the test; I finished in 45 minutes (including the ‘how to take a test on the computer’ tutorial) and … passed! They don’t give you a score, just a pass or fail, but out of 120 questions there were eight I wasn’t totally and completely sure about. Even after reading them over two and three times because they seemed pretty easy. The practice test I did Monday was harder.

20140330-173758.jpg Gracie tried to help me study on Thursday when I was panicking because I couldn’t keep any of the Greek philosophers straight. I still can’t tell you what Euripides did, but I do know where to look to find the answer (and it is not online).

20140330-173952.jpg I also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this week. I decided on an oatmeal version so I could delude myself into thinking they were somewhat healthy. They do have whole oats in them and those are good for you. But the two sticks of butter give lie to that rationalization. On the up side, they were so good Bob and I managed to eat the entire batch this week.

20140330-174210.jpg We ended the week (and celebrated my passing the test) with a Wine Walk Friday night. This is one of Ringling’s fund raisers for the museum so we got tickets a month or so ago. I loved this event, way more than Forks & Corks which is held in the courtyard of the museum. The Wine Walk set up stations on the grounds of the Ca D’Zan (the mansion of a John and Mabel Ringling, now part of the museum) so the crowds were spread out. We got a glass for tasting wine, a plate for food and a small guide to help us know what we were tasting.



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