April Cheese Box

I’m writing this with the fancy new gadget Bob got me this week. He knows I like to write these posts on my iPad (also a present from him) but the typing without a keyboard does lead to more errors than I would like. It is a different feel than typing at work, which is probably a good thing, but he found a new toy. The man does love his electronic toys.

That is a wireless keyboard that hooks to my tablet with bluetooth. I can sit on the floor, type and see what I am writing and how may mistakes I’m making much easier than typing on the tablet. And since I am very, very use to keyboard typing, this goes faster. And it’s new and fun and isn’t that half the excitement?!?!

But for the cheese … this month Louise put together a great little box. We have two French cheeses and one from Tennessee. I am partial to sheep cheeses so I was very excited about the Ossau Iraty.

20140413-210611.jpg With more flavor and nuttiness than most sheep cheeses, this one is a winner and needs to go on the favorite list. Both Bob and I contemplated cutting more after we devoured the first bit we cut off, but I am trying to savor it; lunch this week and all you know.

The other French cheese was Comte from the Jura Mountain region of France. This one was good, but not great until we made a grilled cheese sandwich with it.

20140413-210851.jpg It was National Grilled Cheese Day Saturday and what better way to celebrate than a really good grilled cheese sandwich? This one is smooth and subtle and when it melts it is the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Of course, take this as coming from the person who does have a fondness for the processed cheese product that one can obtain in a grocery store. No, it isn’t cheese, but it has its place. Bob was so happy with the sandwich he apparently made one for himself – on the stove – while I was out visiting with Mom and Dad today. I’m not sure I believe him. He has never used the stove before and I wasn’t sure he knew how. But he claims to have made himself a sandwich with the Comte and the Blackberry Farms Blue.

This has to be the mildest blue cheese ever. Louise asked me to try it (she knows I don’t do blue and has placed little surprises in our box on occasion when there is a blue in it that month, but this time she was trying to tempt me. So … I looked at it and decided to try some from the very middle where there is no veining. The texture was amazing – smooth, rich and creamy. The blue taste was very mild, the mildest Bob said he ever had. I was ok until the after taste or the back end of the cheese kicked in – then it was all blue. Not spit it out and grab Bob’s water blue, but it was there. I didn’t pucker my face or anything, but it still isn’t for me. I can appreciate this cheese. It has to be very difficult to make a cheese that mild and that complex, yet that distinctly blue. I may have to see what else this Tennessee creamy has up its sleeves.


Needless to say we had a great little dinner out on the patio with this box. Gracie tried to join us; she tried to convince me in the kitchen that she should have some cheese too, but no, I refrained from this as that would mean Jessie would be looking for cheese too and that is bad for everyone.

20140413-211738.jpg She is darn cute though and very hard to resist.

I’m working through our first Blue Apron box this week and have been taking some notes to compare it with the Hello Fresh boxes we love. I’m trying to get through the entire box before posting though – I have a bias towards Hello Fresh since they have been so wonderful the last few months; seriously the customer service is amazing and the food is great, so Blue Apron has a lot to live up to. I’ll try and get that up later this week. Hope Spring is arriving for everyone and the flowers are blooming. I miss my tulips, but will make due with the pretty flowering plant that I can’t spell on the patio.


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