Curry Attempt #?

What a week. I can’t say for certain that I’ve been really busy and I’m certainly not stressed out, but it has been a little while since I’ve posted. I have done some experimenting in the kitchen which is generally a good thing.

I love a good curry. That creamy, rich gravy/sauce that has layers and layers of flavors. I’ve tried making curry before and … well … The results were less than spectacular. Part of me wants to place a standing order with our local Indian restaurant to be delivered once a week, but another part really, really wants to conquer making curry.

In my quest to make good, homemade curry, I came across a blog that had what looked like a reasonable korma recipe. I’ve read and re-read this recipe for months (no exaggeration), copied down the shopping list and plotted and planned exactly how to do this. I want good, homemade curry, darn it.

I started on Saturday with making a curry base that just seemed ingenious. Curries all do have a similar starting point, so why not? The answer to that same as Bob and I chopped ten (yes, ten) onions Saturday afternoon. But we chopped the onions, I gathered all my spices, made my mixture and got to work. It takes time to cook down ten chopped onions.

And yes, I had to use two pots. I made the base, and I think it went ok. I definitely need a good blender. I just have a food processor (which I adore) but it doesn’t make things smooth and creamy. But I made do and after a few more steps and a lot of time, I had a curry base that seemed like I was on the right track.

Sunday came and it was time to try for a Korma. Vegetable Korma to be exact. I broke out the recipe, gathered my ingredients and went to work. It seemed easy enough and it looked like a korma.

IMG_2745.JPG It smelled like korma and it even kind of tasted like korma … But it was missing something. The texture was definitely off but I blame most of that on the missing blender. It was also just missing something else. The deep flavor, the rich, creamy almost heavy sauce. It wasn’t bad, it was far better than my prior attempts at curry, but it just wasn’t the korma of the local Indian restaurant.

Somehow I have to convince Bob that he wants Indian this weekend (or just meet up with one of the girls and go for it) or buy a fancy blender and thicker coconut milk. While experimenting and tweaking the recipe sounds like a ton of fun, I might just go for the real stuff. Thankfully, they deliver.

I can also place part of the blame on Gracie. She is super cute, but she does tend to get underfoot when I’m cooking.

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