Christmas in the City (part 1)

There is something special about D.C., especially around Christmas. You can insert whichever political joke you would like, but I love D.C. around the holidays. Don’t love the weather, but I do love the city.


We hadn’t been to D.C. in a couple of years, which means we have not seen Karen and family in that long. I mean to head up there every year, but something always happens and the trip doesn’t. This year we found some great airline flight deals and a hotel deal and decided to just book it. It was a short trip, but we packed a lot into it. Best part we got to see not only Karen and family, but Ed and Erin also. It was a fabulous trip.



Let me first say this was the easiest trip, travel wise, that we have had in a decade. Security at the airport was reasonable and fast with none of the usual hassles. Boarding was quick and efficient (I do love Southwest for that reason alone) and we were able to grab the first metro train and head straight into the city. It was lovely.

After meeting up with Ed and Erin we decided to grab lunch. Since we had no plan we started to wander, but about three blocks in I realized I was headed to one of my favorite go-to restaurants in DC – Jaleo. I could taste the croquettes before we even got there and knew they have a great selection of both meat and vegetarian dishes so we would all be happy. It is a great relaxed atmosphere for catching up and the wine is good. It was perfect.



After lunch we hit my favorite “museum” in DC, especially around the holidays – the Botanic Gardens. this year’s Christmas display was lighthouses, which were beautiful, but I love the tree. The tree with the ultra cute decorations. You have to smile.

Bob and I had planned a dinner at The Partisan so we headed there for dinner. It was ok. I went into this knowing that the restaurant was meat based. It is attached to a butchery but I think I failed to realize that every single item had meat in it in one form or another. The food was good, but it wasn’t spectacular. Bob did get the coolest looking dinner, however, do I will give it that.


Hopefully I will get day two of the trip up soon. Hope everyone is having a great start to the holiday season. Merry, merry and happy happy! Deck the halls and all that!

One thought on “Christmas in the City (part 1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Andi,
    Ed and I had such a GREAT time hanging out with you and Bob in DC!
    We so miss that city, with all of it’s tasty food, museums, history, and architecture. Your pictures came out really good:)

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