Coffee Cake Muffins

I wanted cinnamon rolls. That was the plan this morning. Coffee, walk Jessie, make cinnamon rolls. I wanted the spice of the cinnamon, the sweet of the brown sugar and the goo-y tooling that make them so decadent. After three days of a horribly sore throat thanks to the strep infection I picked up at work and *nothing* sounding good, I finally felt better and finally wanted something. Cinnamon rolls.

Yes, I know that is not a picture of cinnamon rolls. I wanted cinnamon rolls but I forgot one thing – my rolling pin broke a few months back and I haven’t found a replacement beyond a wine bottle. Today I didn’t feel like fussing with the wine bottle (and the dough sticking to the labels) so I improvised. I found a recipe for coffee cake muffins. It had all the markings of a good cinnamon roll. Pecans, cinnamon, sweet topping. This could work. No rolling dough, no waiting patiently for said dough to rise (twice if you are really going to do them right) and I could almost have cinnamon rolls. They would just be without the roll.

So I mixed up the topping and mixed up the batter then began assembling. Batter, filling, batter, topping. Layered like a cake, cinnamon goodness between cake like dough. Quick, easy and in no time I had muffins going into the oven.

And then coming out of the oven to be topped with the glaze. I need to work on the glaze just a bit. Make it a little thicker so it stays more on the muffin. It might also help if I water more than thirty seconds to top them and begin eating, but that is a whole different discussion.

They were almost perfect. The dough isn’t the yeasty dough of a good cinnamon roll, but that’s ok. They filled the void and took care of the craving. They even filled me up until dinner when I managed to put together a Kung Pow Soba noodle dish for dinner (Bob’s request).

And just because I think it is adorably cute …


That is Ms. Leia in her usual sleeping on Bob’s lap, using his arm as a pillow as he tries to play on the computer. He even commented that he’s gotten so use to this that it feels strange when she *isn’t* there. The second picture is all three of the trouble makers. An unusual sight to have them all together like that. Taken yesterday as I recuperated on the couch.

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