Pop Up Dinner

Time keeps getting away from me. Bob and I have finally gotten over being sick and the made midterm rush at work is over, so things are slowing down a bit. I’m still not sure where the days go sometimes.

Our favorite cheese shop has a resident chef interning there this winter. He is learning all about craft and artisanal cheeses and Louise made the smart decision to have him also so what he he does best – cook. They started a monthly pop up dinner at the shop. What is a pop up dinner? We’ll … It’s a restaurant dinner that happens for a very short period of time. In this case the dinner is one night only.

We were not sure exactly what to expect, but whatever it was exceeded our expectations. The dinners are limited to 20 people so you can actually talk to people around you and Louise does a great job of seating you next to people you want to have a conversation with. Bob and I got to talk with a local chef and his wife (who happens to work at one of our favorite restaurants in the area). It was great and since the chef if opening a limited run dinner service at a local restaurant soon, we have a new place to explore.

This is a cheese shop, but this wasn’t just a cheese dinner. This was regular, but extremely well done, food. We had a perfect cheese bite in between each course and they really were perfect bites. The goat cheese with lemon dust and candied fennel was probably my favorite, but I also loved the Louise gave me cheddar instead of blue in the last cheese bite. It worked perfectly, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. To tell you how good everything was let me sum it up this way – I was so enamored by the food and the company and the experience I only remembered to take a picture of one dish. One. The roasted tomato and poblano soup was amazing – as was the gnocchi I had for the main course (Bob has fish) and the play on a hot toddy for dessert.

It was a great experience, and something that you don’t get to do very often. I also think I need to keep an eye out for what Derek does next – he really is a very, very good chef. Given that Bob and I have no problem making travel plans around food and eating, we might just end up with an unexpected location in a year or two.

Hopefully I will have more frequent posts as we settle into the year and the semester.

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