In general I think I’m pretty lucky. I’m pretty smart, have a good job that lets me support myself, have a nice home complete with the wonderful husband and adorable furry creatures. I have an amazing family, from parents to sister to extended family and in-laws. I kind of hit the jackpot in all of it. So while I don’t take first class vacations or fly on private jets, I wouldn’t trade what I do have for that lifestyle. 

With all of this in mind, I do have to say I was spoiled for my birthday. I’m not a huge celebrate my birthday person and use it more of an excuse for a nice dinner out but this year everyone went out of their way to make turning 40 special.

We decided to head up to Disney with the thought of wandering around Epcot then doing dinner at Ohana. We are slowly working our way through all the restaurants in the hotels at Disney And Ohana is one of the last we need to do.  We changed the wandering plans when I learned that the carriage from the Cinderella movie was at Hollywood Studios. Bob braved the rain with me so I could see it in person. It was incredible. We couldn’t go inside it because of the rain, but we were able to get some good views and pictures of it without and one around. One definite advantage to the rain. 

We decided to eat lunch in Hollywood Stuidos since dinner wasn’t until late we found a great  Italain place inside the park.  Bob had pasta  and I had a great pesto flatbread. 

I also got to see an extended preview of Cinderella. It looks fun. And true to the original story, so I’m excited about it. After the preview we headed back to the hotel to thaw before dinner. 

Val and Bill drove up to have dinner with us . It was so great to see them.  Val even made me Hello Kitty rice crispie treats and Ed and Erin sent along the cutest cake .

This was my second birthday cake since the girls at work did up a cake for me the day before . 

Yes, it is well known that I love Cinderella. 

So I was able to go away for the weekend because Mom watched the pets and Bob indulged my six year old self. I work with awesome people and have the best family and friends out there. I am truest spoiled. … Oh and Dad, thank you for the flowers  they are one of my favorites.

2 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. Glad turning 29 was so great! Love ya Sis!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to grow them here so getting cut seemed fair.

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