I have probably mentioned the difficulty of buying anything for Bob since if there is a gadget he wants, he just gets it. Early in our relationship, I just planned a trip for us and that was his present. It worked in a lot of cases because we were a thousand miles apart so a trip to DC or NYC or such was the perfect solution. I’ve pretty much decided this was one of my better ideas (as Bob doesn’t book the trips himself) and so we are going back to this Idea for presents.  

 When we decided to go to NY, we searched for restaurants where we could have an exceptional meal. This is not hard to do in New York. The trick was finding a great restaurant that we could get a table at on a Friday night that we both want to go to. We looked at a few options and Bob booked a table at Daniel in the lounge. The lounge is a small, dark wood paneled room off the bar area. Same menu, same quality service as the main dining room, but slightly less intimidating. And intimidating is the right word. Grand is the best way to describe Daniel and it was more formal than Alinea so I wasn’t comfortable taking out my camera to take pictures. So, sorry, no food pictures today. But it was exceptional. The food, the wine, the service was absolutely perfect. 

 Saturday we met up with Ed and Erin and saw An Act of God. This show is based on God’s tweets. (Yes, apparently even God is on Twitter.) I heard about this in an interview with a comedy writer who started the Twitter account a number of years ago, then turned the tweets into a book and finally a play. It sounded hysterical and when I heard Jim Parsons was going to play a God … well … I texted Erin to see if she would want to go, and booked the trip. I was so glad we went. It was funny and irreverent – to both the left and the right – and hit all the right notes. Realistically, it is God talking so there is a leg up on knowing the audience. I will say this – if you are in or near NYC this summer and want to spend an hour and a half laughing, go. Go see An Act of God. 

After the play we headed to Babbo for another fantastic meal. We were able to find vegetarian options for Erin and I, and the boys were able to have meat dishes – all of which were fantastic. The sommelier even helped us pick a bottle of wine that we all loved – not an easy task given our varying tastes. But he did, and we greatly appreciated it as it made the end of our trip as enjoyable as the beginning. 

2 thoughts on “NYC

  1. Erin says:

    Oh, Andi! Ed and I had the best time! Between seeing God up close and personal, navigating the subway system, and dabbling with a sommelier for the first, it was a truly memorable day:) I can’t wait until our next adventure…

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