First Dinner in Munich

I like to find one or two different places to eat when we travel. Tasting menus are a favorite of Bob and I because we get to taste a variety of food, most of which are things I would never begin to make myself. I looked at a number of places in Munich and we decided to go to a place called  Geisels Werneckhof for one of our dinners. It ended up, this was our first Munich dinner.


I had read about this place, and the chef, in the NY Times. I loved the descriptions of the building and the food, so when I showed it to Bob as an option, he was all for it. We had a hard time getting reservations, but we were able to for Saturday night and I’m so glad we did. I was pretty proud of myself for trying my German (my very, very basic German) here and no one batted an eye. The wait staff even started discussing the menu with us in German until they realized that we were totally lost. The other English-speaking couple there did not have this experience, so I will assume the few things I can say sound decent.


Every time we look at a tasting menu there are things on it that I just can’t eat. Fish and seafood seem to be a favorite of chefs to showcase their skill, so we always check to make sure the kitchen will substitute. In a lot of restaurants the whole table must do the same menu; Aliena was the first restaurant that didn’t do that. Daniel was the second and Geisels Werneckhof is now the third. That says something about the kitchen, the chef and the restaurant itself.


The prettiest dish of the night was clearly the tartar. Yes, I ate raw meat. It was incredible. As good as this looks, it tasted better. I forgot to get a picture of my pea dish (Bob has some seafood plate that he loved) but I did get a picture of one of the desserts – various berries in different preparations.

IMG_0902 IMG_0903

This really was a great way to start our trip. Most of our other plans were beer gardens and bakeries. We did manage a few beer gardens, but not the bakeries. But this …. this was an excellent way to start our trip and I am so glad that we did it.

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