Grilled Cheese

I know. Grilled cheese. A dish anyone can make and not screw up. How is this a post? It just is. Not because it is grilled cheese, but because somehow this grilled cheese is more than the sum of it’s parts. To quote Bob when he took his first bite, it is an “oh-my-gosh” good grilled cheese.


So I really wanted cheese a few weeks ago and stopped by the cheese shop after the farmer’s market. Not only did I pick up a fabulous Gruyere cheese, Louise had me try some smoked onion jam. I was skeptical at first, but it was so good I had to pick up a jar. Will actually need another jar when I go back this weekend, but that is another story for another time.

The jam was pretty great just on cheese, but I thought it could add a little something to a grilled cheese sandwich.


So, I used the pita type bread Mom had left for me, sliced down some of the Gruyere, added a little of the smoked onion jam and topped it all with a few tomato slices.


I heated the pan with a little butter and just cooked it like a regular grilled cheese sandwich.


The result was amazing. The earthiness of the cheese, the sweet smoke of the jam and the slight acid bite of the tomato. It was pretty perfect. It was actually so good we had this for lunch two days in a row. Yes, me, the person who does not like repeating dishes gladly ate it two days in a row (and may just do so again tomorrow).

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