Chocolate Lime Pie

As I mentioned in the last post, I tried my hand at a new pie this weekend. I was looking for something interesting and came across this recipe in my NYT Cooking app. No turning the oven on, only a few ingredients and two flavors that I love – chocolate and lime. Sure … what could go wrong?


I assembled all of the ingredients (something I sometimes forget to do) and I followed this recipe pretty exactly. The four limes didn’t produce 3/4 cup of juice, but I figured it was close enough. I read and re-read the recipe about three times before actually beginning. I’m not familiar with condensed milk, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I put the whipping cream, condensed milk and lime juice in a large mixing bowl and began to beat it. I kept at it with an electric mixer because I know there is no way I can whip cream by hand – professional chef I am not. I tried placing the bowl in an ice bath to cool the mixture and help it set, but the stiff peaks would not form. I tried high speed, lower speed, not scraping the bowl, scraping the bowl. I got thick waves or ripples, but no peaks. No matter what I did, it didn’t look like whipped cream or meringue or anything that might be described as “stiff.”  After about ten or fifteen minutes, I gave up.

I had prepared the pie crust earlier ….


So I folded in the lime zest and poured the whole thing into the prepared pie shell. I figured it might set up in the fridge, so we’d give it a shot.


After dinner Leta and I tried the pie. I had some brownies I bought at Publix earlier in the week if this was a disaster, and Leta was up for trying it. The pie did set, but it still didn’t look like the picture in in recipe. Close (and I’m not counting the whipped cream rosettes – I wasn’t even trying those) but denser.


So the final results? I’m confused to be honest. There is a great lime flavor here and I don’t mind the consistency of the filling. But there is no chocolate taste. None. The little chocolate that I shaved on top is totally lost in the filling and the crust is really missing something. I’m usually a HUGE pie crust fan – flour crust, nut crust, graham cracker crust – but this left me very flat.


So notes for the next time – forget the chocolate. Its not a chocolate pie and never will be. Try whipping the milk and cream without the lime juice first, or whip the cream then add the milk and then the juice. Use a regular flour pie crust – this could be a great lime pie with a few tweaks. But it needs tweaking.

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