Almost Thanksgiving

For years I’ve said teacher look forward to the holiday breaks more than the kids. This year is proving no different. While I’m not as anxious to have a short break as I have been in the past, the thought of a few days of baking, eating and actually being home to do stuff is a delightful thought. 

I’ve wanted to cook lately, but the schedule gods have conspired against me. But over the last few weeks I did manage to make some pretty great cheddar chive biscuits and a nice pasta. 

The biscuits were purely an indulgence. We still had cheddar from my Mac and cheese experiment and I had some chives in the fridge, so what better way to start a Sunday morning than with biscuits. 

The pasta was to be fancier and with more vegetables, but I didn’t make it to the grocery store after work one day, so I improvised. Carrots make a great addition to pasta, and a made a version of a beurre blanc sauce (shallot, thyme, vinegar, wine and lots of butter). It worked. It worked a little too well and I didn’t have leftovers for lunch the next day. 

On the pet front, Gracie is her usual self, as are Leia and Tigger. Leia has been more assertive lately, which is fun to watch when she decides she wants Tigger’s spot. Jessie is having a few more “old lady days” (she is 13 so she’s allowed) and while I’m generally not worried, I am keeping an eye on her. Food is the big issue right now – she isn’t eating as much as I think she should – but in general she’s in good shape. Our walks are shorter some days, but at least she still wants to go out. 


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