Welcome 2016

Happy 2016! This is going to be an interesting year. While we don’t have any trip planned, my return to school should keep me busy. I definitely want to try to be a little creative in the kitchen, but I’m not sure how often that will happen. But it’s ok – two years for school so there is an end in sight. My boss encouraged me to go back to school, and she thought I should go for my PhD, but … well …. that would take way more time than I’m willing to do so another masters will work just fine. 

By the way, getting a picture of Jessie is a little tricky. She hates having her picture taken, so I had to get her while she is licking cheesecake batter off my finger.

After a relatively quiet Christmas, we headed to Tallahassee to see Bob’s family. The weather generally cooperated and we were able to even get out to the Tallahassee museum. I had never been there and didn’t know what to expect, but we had a lot of fun seeing the different animals. The black bear and red wolf were my favorites. 

Bob and I did our traditional stay in on New Year’s Eve. I made a nice dinner (Bob requested steak, so that is what we had – he doesn’t request meat often, so when he does, I try to oblige, although I ate more of the potatoes and salad than anything else). This morning I decided I was in the mood for eggs, so I made omlets and potatoes. Bob had an onion and cheese omelet, and I had a kale, onion and cheese omelet. It was a nice way to start the new year. 


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