New Year, New Adventures

It’s been a while since I posted, and this one is s little over due. I have had one adventure in the kitchen this month (corn and potato soup) and it turned out well, but I forgot pictures. It’s been a little busy. 

My adventure this year is grad school. Again. Yes, I have one masters, but I decided to go for another. My boss wanted me to go for a Ph.D or Ed.D, but I’m not willing to sacrifice half a decade to being in school again. I found a great program, totally on-line, that I can complete in two years. I officially started a few weeks ago (hence the lack of posts) and am getting into a good rhythm. In addition to now juggling full time work and part time school (which is way harder than full time school and part time work it turns out) I’ve gotten a few projects at work. My bosses like that I’m going for administration, so they’ve given me a few things that are more administrative tasks. Presentations, trainings and another thing that would take too late by to explain and I have homework I’m putting off to write this. šŸ˜‡

Bob has been great about how busy I’ve been lately, but we did find an hour to check out the new beer place that opened near us. Bob drooled when he saw it, and I was pretty happy because they have cider and sodas. Yes, good cream soda and incredible root beer. 

Last month, before the craziness started, I got myself a present. I take a ton of pictures, but they always end up just in my phone. A new little device changed this and I love it. I can hook up my phone and then print actual pictures. They aren’t big, but when I get a cute picture of the babies it’s nice to be able to print them out. 

And that’s about it. I’m going to try to post, but they may be sporadic for the next two years. 

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