A Day Off

I had a plan. I had a schedule and then … I decided to take a day off of everything. No school work. No work-work. Just one day to relax and do things that I wanted and just made me happy. It came about in part because every time I went to do reading for school, Gracie or Tigger was laying on what I needed to read.IMG_1356

I hadn’t gotten down to Mom and Dad’s as much as I wanted over the last few months, so it was a nice way to start my day there.  I had spent some time Friday with my cook books, so I had a list of veggies and such that I wanted from the farmer’s market. On that list was also some fresh herbs. I really miss having an herb garden, but I am letting the garden go fallow this year. So … pots. I had pots in the garage and picked up some herbs at the farmer’s market to plant in them. Bob and I went to Home Depot and I got some soil, and a few more plants.

Gracie really liked my idea. She especially liked the catnip I picked up in an attempt to keep Leia from eating my chives and parsley. Leia has been known to eat entire plants of herbs, so this was my hope. Leia has not tried to eat my herbs, but she also isn’t going for the catnip much, but Gracie … Gracie just really got into it.

So after planting my herbs, I actually made an experiment. I saw this recipe for squash and roasted garlic galette. Oh it looked pretty perfect, so I wanted to give it a try. I made a pastry crust, roasted butternut squash and garlic, and put together a pie.

The base has a ricotta and roasted garlic spread with some roasted butternut squash on top. I grated some sheep’s cheese on top and baked it. My only complaint was the crust – it needed to be just a little sweeter, so next time cut the semolina flour and add a teaspoon of sugar. I think that would work well. Because I thought it needed a little green, I served it with the cabbage and apple salad from the night before. It made for a really nice little dinner. IMG_1362

So one day of no school work, no work work and just hanging out at home and having a little fun. It was worth it – even if I am now off to get back on track with my school work.


2 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. Phathom says:

    Excellent day off!

    Greetings from our new home in (wait for it…) Wheatland Wyoming.
    Phathom, Mac & Samantha!

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