It’s what month?

I looked at the calendar today and realized that it is the last week of my second class and the next class starts right after. I can’t believe April is over (Happy Birthday, Vanessa, I am sure I forgot to send a card, but I’m thinking about you – promise) and May is here.


At the very beginning of April (I may have mentioned in the last post that I’m behind on posts and writing???) Bob and I went to the Wine Walk to Ca’ d’ Zan. This is charity event for the Ringling Museum and one of the (in our opinion) better events they hold. This was the first Friday of April and featured a bunch of wines that can be found at Total Wine, which is helpful as I hate finding a wine I love then not being able to get it again. Best part, once we went to Total Wine, I found that all the wines I liked were under $20 – which is one of my criteria for wine.

As we walked from the museum to the Ca’ d’ Zan, we stopped and had a little to eat and a little to drink and just had a nice, relaxing evening. One of the best parts was watching the sun set over the bay from the terrace of the mansion. It was a prefect way to end my spring break. (even if I am only getting to writing about it weeks later.  Sigh.) IMG_1382

We also did a great cheese class at our favorite cheese shop a week or so later. This one was Cheesemonger favorites, so we knew it would be good. Louise and the girls really know their stuff, so when they say something is good, it usually is. (Blue cheese being the exception for me – still don’t like blue cheese no matter how many times I try it.)
IMG_1378I’ taking today to get caught up on all those little things that fall aside when I get busy – like laundry and cooking and writing posts. If I get my discussion post for the next class written, I may even (gasp) try reading a fluffy romance novel.

The Ca’ D’ Zane has a nice terrace … not as nice as our own backyard, but it isn’t bad.

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