Tofu Spring Rolls

Last weekend Bob and I had my friend (who is also my boss) over for dinner. I wanted to do something snack-type food to keep the evening really causal as the main reason was to catch up and drink some good wine. … Ok we wanted to drink wine and catch up, but it sounds better the other way.

I have raved about Dana at Minimalist Baker before, and sure enough, her spring roll recipe was what I turned to for these. I didn’t follow her recipe exactly, but for the most part, these are hers.

I have an issue with using rice noodles in spring rolls. They are difficult to cut and bite into and always seem to pull out of the roll, which leaves a good mess. Given this, I went with rice instead. Basic, white, jasmine style rice. I also ditched the mint since I’m not a fan of mint in food.

As I started making these, I was actually super proud of myself for making them look like a spring roll. Usually my attempts end up a mess with maybe one roll that looks right. These … I don’t know what happened but they looked pretty perfect – all of them (ok, one I messed up on a little, but you can barely tell).

Best part of this – they were fantastic and I had lunch for Monday. Yes, I took tofu spring rolls for lunch on Monday, comments about my eating habits be darned.

I’m not going to list the recipe here, if you want it, head over to Dana’s site – and check out the quinoa taco meat while there.

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