Cheese Dinner

Bob and I still love getting our monthly boxes from Louise at Artisan Cheese Company. It has been about five years that we have been going there, and the cheese just keeps getting better and better. This month we did our cheese dinner without the typical cheese plate, and it was just about the most interesting cheese plate dinner we have done in the last five years.

IMG_20170416_182524There are no soft cheeses on this plate. No buttery triple creme, or runny brie, just a number of semi-firm and firm, nutty cheeses with a sheep and goat thrown in for good measure. We had two experimental cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy in Georgia, a blue for Bob and a nutty semi-firm for me. I loved the Yeti (top right in the picture) and thought it had so much character and layers of flavor. Bob described the blue as “stunning” and one of mildest, creamiest blues he ever had. We also had a sheep/cow mixed cheese that was unique and one of the best cheddars I think I’ve ever had – Westcomber from England. I usually go for a Vermont cheddar, but this was perfect. Creamy and nutty with a ton of flavors and layers.

It looks boring, our little plate of cheese, but there really were so many different flavors it is difficult to describe why it was so good. It still amazes me that essentially a few ingredients – milk, salt, enzyme – can produce such a variety of flavors and textures.

In pet news, Arthas had a field day with the pulled kale stalks. He managed to eat an entire stalk before I took it all away from him. He was not amused that I took his snack, but I think he would have eaten all four stalks that were there, and possibly kept going even after they were gone. He looks so cute and innocent; as does Ms. Leia.


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