Summer Caprese

Now that school is back in full swing, the last bit of summer starts to fade. Yes, it will be hot in Florida for a while yet, but fall is beginning to make its presence known. The mornings are just a touch cooler, the evenings have a nice breeze and the afternoon rains, while still here, are not arriving every day.

It was with this as a backdrop – that first morning when there was just a hint of chill in the air – that I decided to have one last celebration of summer. At the farmer’s market with mom I picked up some beautiful red and yellow tomatoes. (Not Jersey tomatoes, because those really are the best, but you can’t get them in Florida, but these were far better than grocery store tomatoes.) I found a not so pretty, but definitely ripe, peach to add to the salad and picked up some little mozzarella pearls at the store. To this I added some basil from my garden and a touch of salt and balsamic glaze. It was the perfect summer salad.


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