Watergirl Rose

  • Producer: Longboard Vineyards
  • Location: Sonoma, CA (Northcoast)
  • Year: 2018
  • Type: Rose
  • Price estimate: $26
  • Tasting notes: Peachy- salmon in color with very subtle aromas of strawberry and peach. First sip is soft, but there is a tart tang that hits midway through the sip. Peach, apricot, golden raison and a little red plum. Good finish.
  • Conclusions: This is one of those easy drinking roses that I love. Light and crisp with just enough layers to keep it interesting while still being able to concentrate on other things as you drink – in my case knitting, a movie or conversation. It is a great own it’s own wine and I need those every now and then. This would get overpowered by most dishes I make since its subtle and I tend to go heavier on the seasoning in food, but on it’s own with a chick-flick on tv, it’s perfect.
  • Notes: When we did our rose tasting a few weeks ago, this one ended up being much lower than I expected in my ratings. That is not to say it isn’t a good bottle of wine, because it is. It’s very good, but head to head with the others, it didn’t rate at the top. I do wonder if this particular bottle would have faired better as it is crisper and has less watermelon taste than the one we had before. Just goes to show that wine is so very different bottle to bottle and you just never know when something will be perfect for the evening when you are drinking it. /Prost


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