Oh, Arthas

We knew Arthas was never going to be the easiest dog given his origins and the sight issue. The lack of sight is definitely not a problem with him, but his obsession with food makes a few things difficult. Now that he has learned to open the pantry, he has taken it to a whole new level.

A while back Arthas got into the pantry and pulled out two bags of chips, took them outside (he is considerate in that regard), and ate both bags. The entirety of two bags of chips. This got us concerned, but we had never seen Arthas open the pantry door (Alinea does do it on occasion) so we were not too worried. I should have known.

We went out to dinner one night a few weeks ago.  Nothing unusual and we weren’t gone long, but when we came back, the pantry door was open and Arthas had done it again. this time peanuts. An entire jar (minus one handful I used in a recipe) of peanuts. He was so proud of himself; not sorry at all. Four days of calories in one evening (after eating his dinner I should point out).

img_20190523_192907At that point, I should have locked the pantry. I didn’t. I moved things to higher shelves (same as I did after the chips incident) and left it at that. Mistake. Huge mistake. In one week he managed to get a bag of aboro rice, a gallon of vegetable oil, several bottles of water from our hurricane supply, and a box of quick cook oats. He also managed to move cat food cans, a box of coffee and a glass jar of beans.

We have since the last incident added a hook latch to the pantry door, high enough that the dog and cats cannot get to it. So far this has stopped the pantry raids, but I’m waiting for the day I come home to the latch broken and more food eaten on the patio. It’s a good thing he is cute – and sweet.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Arthas

  1. Anne Casey says:

    Apparently somebody is having his second puppyhood! Good thinking on the latch…. I’ll cross my fingers for you!

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks, Anne. He is generally a really good dog but food is just a whole different story with him.

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