Bathroom Renovation – Part 1 – Before

It’s kind of amazing, but Bob and I have been in this house for over 12 years. This is the longest I’ve lived in any one place since the house I was born in. Our house is just about 20 years old and everything in it (that we haven’t already replaced) is your basic builder’s grade. This includes our bathroom. Our bathroom that we haven’t been totally happy with since we moved in, but it was functional so it wasn’t high on the priority list to change.

The priority list changed. We have some issues with the tiles in the shower that I didn’t notice until it was a little too late. I spent a good six months trying to figure out how to fix it, and then decided we needed a new bathroom. Two years later, we are getting a new bathroom.

Not only are we going to get rid of the problem in the shower, we are getting rid of the garden tub that takes up a ton of space and we have maybe used once in 12 years. Once. The cats play in it a bit, but I don’t want to keep the darn thing just so Ella has a place to play. She has lots of places to play, she doesn’t need the tub.

So … we have a contractor. We have a start date. We have tiles and cabinets and fixtures and everything picked out. So here are the before pictures.  I’ll try to post progress as it goes along.

It’s not a bad bathroom. But oh for it to be shiny and new! And without the tub.

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