Sourdough Addiction

Before Val moved to California she gave me a sourdough starter and some pointers on baking bread. Fast forward a few months and I’m hooked. I may never buy a regular loaf of bread again.

Every week I am making bread – generally two loaves. Mom gets half of each and we keep half of each because as much as I love and eat bread, even Bob and I can’t eat two loaves in a week, every week.

Rustic sourdough, old fashioned sourdough, tangy sourdough, rye sourdough, pumpernickel sourdough … yep I’ve tried and tweaked and tweaked again various recipes and have now landed on three or four favorites and I make versions of two of them every week. It’s gotten so bad, I now have a second sourdough starter in my fridge because apparently one is not enough.

One absolute plus to all of this – Bob has discovered that he does not detest pumpernickel or rye bread. He thought he did, but he actually just hated the seeds that they tend to put in rye that gives it a slight fennel taste. My bread – he quite likes. And I know he does actually like it because he eats it even when I’m not home to put it on the plate.


5 thoughts on “Sourdough Addiction

  1. I made my first gluten free sourdough loaf not long ago. Was delicious! A little bit of trivia. Did you know that sourdough made anywhere other than the San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t taste the same? The local weather here gives it that extra sour taste.

    • Andrea says:

      That doesn’t surprise me. I always say the pizza and bagles outside of Philly just never taste the same.

      • My husband moved to California from Boston. He said the best bagels are from New York. It took him over a year to taste one here. lol He said it’s really good, but not the same. He was actually surprised it tasted good.

  2. I had a steak on sourdough at the place I did my last blog about. I love sourdough! Also, you might as well give some bread away. I used to make bread, and homemade, being preservative free gets stale in a day. A popular bread brand here is Bunny bread, and if we buy a loaf, a week later it’s still soft! I can’t imagine how many preservatives they put in that bread!

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