Cat Blanket #2

This is the second cat blanket. I actually finished the knitting part of the blanket before I made the scarf, but I didn’t have the edging done. Mom graciously offered to sew the border on for me since she has a sewing machine. I really should look at getting one of those, but I generally just hand sew the few things I need to fix, but if I start making more blankets with borders, I might just have to get a sewing machine.

The yarn really makes this one. I love how it change color and has the great mixing effect between the blue and the black areas. I could not have done that on my own (not yet anyway) so the yarn is the start here. The stitch is a basic seed stitch – knit one, purl one – in every row with an odd number cast on. (I think I cast on 75 stitches.) There are some definite issues in places, some from my knitting and some from the yarn (it was very thin in some places and very thick in other places), but overall I love the blanket. My edges were weird, which is why I decided to add the border – it hides all manner of issues.

I also tried blocking this time, which was new for me. I think it helped the blanket hold it’s shape a little, and I know the edges seemed a little better after blocking than they did before.

But yay! Another knitting project complete.


I Made a Scarf (aka another knitting project)

Surprisingly I’ve kept up with learning to knit. It is one of those things that is relaxing in its repetitiveness and can be done in small chunks of time. Since I’m still adjusting to the drive with the new job, it is really nice to have something to do in the evenings that doesn’t require a ton of brain power but enough concentration to keep me awake.

(I did work on another kitty blanket but it isn’t totally finished yet, so I’ll probably post that one next month.)

I wanted to learn the lace stitch and started with one pattern that was just not working for me. I think I was a little too ambitious with one of the stitches in the pattern and so I took a step back and tried a more basic stitch. I found one I really liked at Give me a purl. I actually found a few stitches I liked, so I’m sure I’ll be going back there soon.

But the scarf! Yes, I actually knitted a scarf. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good for a beginner.

I must have started this about 6 times over one weekend. I started getting frustrated because I would mess up around row ten and then have to start over. But I finally decided that I wouldn’t start over, I would just keep going. Originally this was going to be a sample piece, not a whole project, but once I really got started, I decide to just finish it and make myself a scarf. It is a little wider than ideal, but I like it. (And really, I live in Florida, so how often do I need a scarf?)