Really Random Adventures


For those who missed the “random adventures” part of the blog description or didn’t exactly know what that meant, this is it.

I thought today’s adventure would be about my encounter in the closet. I was doing do well with cleaning out the closet, getting rid of things I don’t wear (or shouldn’t wear) when I pulled something from the back and out came a small, furry thing. At first I thought it was a cat toy – then I looked closer. Nope. Dead animal. Mole as it turns out. Gives a whole new meaning to “spring cleaning.”. Thankfully Bob played the hero when he got home and removed it.

Then came dinner. I made a quick fajita (no peppers since Bob doesn’t like them) and Bob decided to try his new hot sauce. He read somewhere that a spray bottle is a great delivery system for hoy sauce. Something about even distribution of molecules. So … He breaks out the new hot sauce and the new spray bottle and … well … I think I wore as much of it ad the fajitas. And yes, hot sauce in the nose hurts.

Enjoy your week.

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