Bob and I headed to West Palm this weekend for a few things.  We both had some clothes shopping to do. I had cleaned out my closet (see post with reference to the dead mole) and Bob … well, he said he needed a few new things and Val is the shopping expert, so off to West Palm it was.

Val had mentioned she was going mango foraging before we got there.  While I was prepared for multiple mangos, I was not exactly prepared for the amount of mango she had.  Apparently when mango are in season, they are really in season.  So in addition to a very successful shopping trip, we had a all-mango dinner.

We had fresh mango …

Mango pork sliders with lime pickled red onions and mango bbq sauce

A Mango curry

Dried mango (Oh dear these were soooo good)

Mango BBQ chicken pizza (tied with the mango pork sliders for favorite of the evening)

Mango and cheese on bread (so simple, yet oh so good)

And mango and cheese wrapped in ham.  Also very good.

Not pictured was the mango “deviled” egg, the mango sorbet and the mango drinks.  Despite all the things we made with mango, Val had enough let over for mango for breakfast on Sunday and I brought home a box for Bob and I and a box for mom and dad.  As mango is one of my favorite fruits, I do believe I will be a happy girl for  a few more days.  My goal is to eat  so much mango in the next few days that I will not want more.  Not sure I have enough for that, but I will be giving it a go.


One thought on “Mango-palooza

  1. Dad says:

    I think this is one of those rare times when you’re not going to achieve your goal. Mangos are just toooooooo gooooooood!

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