Cherry Chocolate Pie (Attempt #1)


Chocolate pie is one of my favorite desserts, ranking close to strawberry shortcake. I have a great recipe for a French Silk Pie and decided to try a cherry chocolate version. It came out ok but I’m not getting the cherry flavor I wanted. I took some really pretty cherries, pitted them, puréed them and then strained them through a sieve. I had close to a cup of pure cherry goodness which I thought would be enough to really taste the cherry.

I made the pie as I normally would – whip eggs and sugar together (for a LONG time) over heat as I have an aversion to food poisoning then whipped some more to cool; I added my bittersweet chocolate and the cherry goodness and then folded in the whipped cream. The results are good, but even Bob agrees not very cherry. After the mango-palooza at Val and Bill’s, and the very good mango shortcake I did the other day, I had high hopes for the pie. But alas, good but not great. Will have to do a little research and try a second version soon.

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