After two brief delays that did not really delay us (airline flight time estimations baffle me) we arrived safe and sound in England. First delay was due to lightning in the area and the second was because lightning had hit the plane we were suppose to come across the Atlantic in. Not bad reasons for delays and we still managed to land within 30 minutes of our scheduled arrival time.

Brad and Emmie gave us the grand tour of the new home and it is incredibly easy to see why they love it here. Just a clue …


This is next door. Horses, rabbits and not much else. The countryside is beautiful and peaceful. Emmie took me to pick up Logan from school, and even though I just saw the outside of the building, I was slightly jealous that his school has fewer students than my caseload. Sigh.

As you can see from below, England seems to be agreeing with Logan.


I believe we are off to Oxford today. More posts to come.

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