Today was Oxford. We headed out in a typical English mist and our sense of direction proved … interesting … yet again. We did manage to wander around the town center a bit


And then headed to the Bodleian library (didn’t go in ’cause we are just not special enough).


Emmie and I were trying to figure out how to sneak in and pay homage to the books, but we opted for lunch insteadBob and I did pay our respects to Mr. Shakespeare.


However, between the rain, which decided to be more Florida heavy rain than British mist, and needing to pick Logan up from school, we headed back to the homestead. We eagerly anticipate dinner this evening at The Crown as Brad has regaled us with vivid descriptions of the wonderful food.

Tomorrow … Isle of Wight where Emmie and I plan to play in armor and fire cannons.

2 thoughts on “Oxford

  1. Anonymous says:

    cannons and armor?!?! i am sooo jealous right now!! have fun!

  2. Anne says:

    cannons and armor?? i am sooo jealous right now! have fun!!

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