Stuffed Veggies


Usually when I cook I start with a recipe, decide there is something in it I don’t like, don’t have or just don’t want to do, and change the recipe to fit a) my very picky tastes and b) what is in the house. Today, I just went to the fridge, pulled out some stuff and cooked. No recipe and I have to say, the stuffed pepper and zucchini came out so well, I’m now trying to remember what I did so we can have it again.

I started with a little round zucchini and a yellow pepper I found at the farmer’s market Saturday. They need to get used. I had pulled out ground beef, so out came that. Onion, yellow cherry tomatoes, and some of the Scottish cheese. Brown the beef, add some tomato paste and spices (chili pepper, salt, and Italian seasoning I think) and a touch of water, add veggies and simmer. I layered the beef mixture and the cheese, placed the little dears in a shallow baking dish, cover and pop into the over. Cooked at 350 for about 40 minutes and out it came.

This dish was so cute when I pulled it out I’d the oven I had to take a picture of it. Still didn’t know how it would taste, but it was really, really good. So … lesson learned – take what you have and some really good food can come out of it.


Did I mention how cute they looked? 🙂

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